Speech to the AMEC Convention

Speech to the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) Convention in Perth. Next year will mark the 160th anniversary of one of the first major Australian mineral finds, yet 70% of Australia remains unexplored from a mineral perspective.  Read more

The Long Mining Boom - National Press Club

SENATOR THE HON MATTHEW CANAVAN Minister for Resources and Northern Australia National Press Club Speech 28 March 2018 Read more

Speech to the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Washington DC

The German historian Alexander Dermandt once compiled 210 reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. One of the 210 reasons was the depletion of its mineral resources.[1A] Read more

Speech – Australian Domestic Gas Outlook Sydney

Last year when I spoke to this conference, I did so in the context of very high domestic gas prices. At the time I noted that the domestic price of gas in Adelaide was $14 / GJ compared to a price of $11 / GJ in Japan. Read more

Speech to the Launch of the No campaign for the marriage plebiscite

Thank you so much Sophie. And thank you ladies and gentlemen for being here tonight and standing true for marriage. We have had some excellent speeches tonight, from all the speakers, but tonight I just want to stress a simple message, a very simple message. And that message is: we can win! We can win this. Read more

Speech to The Sydney Institute

Northern Australia makes up 40 per cent of Australia but there is no city there that can be called a “middle city”, or a city of more than 500,000 people. That is a sobering fact for me as the Minister for Northern Australia. Why is it that 228 years since British settlement we have failed to truly settle the north? Read more

Speech to Queensland Media Club

It is great to be here at the Queensland Media Club to address you as a relatively new Resources and Northern Australia Minister. In my first few months in this job I have been stressing how important the resources sector is for our nation’s history, and to our future. We have all heard the story of the gold rushes, Peter Lalor and the Eureka Stockade but you might not know the important role of your industry, the media, in that story. Read more

Speech to CEDA

I want to talk today a little about how important mining and resources have been for Northern Australia, especially over the past decade, and how the government plans to further develop the north in coming decades. Before I do that, though, I have just come here this morning after two days in Adelaide. I was meeting with Parliamentarians at the time the statewide “black event” occurred. It was hard to believe at first that power had been lost to the entire state. It is completely unacceptable that the collapse of transmission towers in the north of one state could cause a whole state to lose power. Read more

Mining 2016 Resources Convention

It is fantastic to be here as the new Resources Minister to address your conference. I am a new Minister but I am not new to the resources sector. I am based up in Rockhampton so I know how important the mining sector is to regional economies. Sometimes it is a case of you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Read more

Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility launch

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the launch of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility. In particular, I would like to recognise my colleague Warren Entsch who has played such a big part in delivering our agenda for the north, including in his role as Chair of the Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia. It is great to be here on what is an exciting day for the north and an exciting day for Cairns. Cairns is a wonderful place and, of course, today its most well known industry is tourism, but it has a richer history. Read more

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