Food needs affordable energy

THE last time I was at an anti-mining protest, there was a sign saying, “We can’t eat coal”. I couldn’t argue against that: coal is fossilised plants 200 to 300 million years old. It is well past its use-by date. But then, in another sense, we do eat coal, or at least the embodied energy that all food contains. Read more

We Can Conquer the Debt Mountain

DEBT is the only mountain that is easier to climb up than trek down. The agricultural industry has climbed the mountain at speed in the past 20 years. Read more

Dodgy Sums on Renewables Don't Add Up

THE advocates of renewable energy would have you believe that they have discovered the economic equivalent of the fountain of youth. According to them, we can adopt more expensive ways of doing things, yet that will lead to cheaper prices. Read more

Developing Northern Australia: A Taxing Problem

Australia has 16 cities with a population of more than 100,000 people. Three of our youngest five cities, Cairns, Darwin and Townsville, are in Northern Australia. These three cities were all established within around a decade of each other, from 1865 to 1876.  Read more

QLD Country Life - 'Guerilla' Tactics Just Not On

IMAGINE there was a group of activated individuals in our society who committed their lives to exposing the use of illegal drugs. Imagine that they believed so much in their cause that they broke into suspects’ homes and installed cameras in the hope of recording and exposing illegal behaviour. Read more



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